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Tree felling and Removal For Residential Commercial and Public Sector Clients

We provide professional tree felling and removal services across London.

In many cases, tree removal is anything but straight forward and requires expert knowledge and the correct equipment for the job. Our services are used by property developers on large scale construction projects, local councils, schools and residential clients.

We have been trading for over a decade and have many happy clients. We can supply a list of residential and commercial clients who can be contacted direct for references. We have a qualified, experienced team, carry all necessary insurance and have a strict Health and Safety policy in place

Tree felling may be required for a number of reasons

  • Removal of dangerous and hazardous trees
  • The tree is infringing on power lines and train tracks
  • The land is required for commercial or residential development
  • Spreading roots are causing damage to building structures
  • To increase the light falling on surrounding property
  • To improve the view from a property
  • Diseased on dying trees may infect surrounding plants
  • The tree may simply be dead
  • Tree branches are causing damaged to roofs and buildings
  • A proposed highways development project may require tree removal
  • The roots may be causing pathways and driveways to lift
  • Trees may need to be removed for new patio, terrace and extension work

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree felling, removal and pruning needs to comply with regulations involving Tree Preservation Orders. You may also like to read a Guide on Tree Preservation Procedures.

Many trees are protected and permission to remove them will be required from the local council. We can check for protection orders on your behalf and put forward a proposal for necessary work. We have a Tree Survey and Report Service for this purpose which will outline essential work that has to done.

Work on protected trees can be done to maintain the health of the tree, to prevent storm damage, damage to property and for public safety reasons. We also offer a Tree Relocation Service - which involves removing the whole tree and planting it in another location. We recently removed several trees for the British Museum at St Pancras and successfully relocated them at another site.

How much does it cost?

We work to the highest standards at the most competitive rates in London. Have a look at our Price Guide which gives details of the work we are typically asked to do and the costs involved.

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Preferred Removal Techniques

Traditional Tree Felling and Cutting

Where there is enough space, a tree is felled in it's entirety using traditional techniques and cuts. The area is assessed d beforehand to ensure a safe, controlled and damage free fell.

On large trees or where space is restricted (often the case in London) a tree is cut down in sections using specialist climbing equipment. If required, the tree stump can be removed.

Using Cherry Pickers

Tree Removal using Mobile Platforms

We sometimes use cherry pickers (mobile platforms) to gain assess to trees.

This is usually done when the tree is too dangerous to climb. The tree is cut into small manageable pieces and lowered to the ground.

For safety reasons, cherry pickers are also used if tree and branch clearance around power lines is required.

Using Cranes

Very Large Trees require Cranes

We've carried out numerous crane operations around London to help remove some very large tree on sites with very little access.

Cranes are a good option when working on extremely large or dangerous trees.

Using a crane is the quickest and cleanest way to proceed with tree removal but normally is only reserved for large trees and dangerous specimens.