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Tree and Shrub Pollarding in London

Pollarding is a pruning technique used by tree surgeons to keep trees and shrubs at a manageable height .

PollardingIt is the process of removing the branches of a tree back to the trunk, leaving just three to five short branches. The technique is commonly used on Ash, Limes, Elms, Oaks, Eucalyptus and London Plane Trees. Take a look at our Portfolio.

Pollarding needs to be done annually and is normally carried out in late winter or early spring depending on the species of tree. Pollarding should be avoided in Autumn as this can lead to fungal decay.

Reasons for Pollarding

  • To maintain the tree at a certain height
  • Aesthetics - keeping the tree in a pleasing shapes
  • To stop the tree from damaging buildings
  • To prevent intrusion on power cables
  • To reduce water intake to minimise subsidence
  • The amount of shade below the tree is reduced
  • Pollarding promotes lateral branch growth

Our team of tree surgeons have a thorough knowledge of advanced tree and shrub pruning techniques and are ready to help.

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