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A Cost Effective Solution for Garden Rubbish and Green Waste Removal for Residential Clients

Any garden project can produce significant amounts of green waste and rubbish that will need clearing. As well as major garden rubbish removal and site clearances we offer residential clients in North London a cheap and easy solution for removing smaller amounts of garden rubbish and green waste. We supply large reusable rubbish bags which you fill up and leave at the front of your house for collection by us. The cost is just £20 per bag.

Pretty GardensHow it works - Garden Rubbish and Green Waste Removal

  • We post out or drop off the required number of green waste bags
  • The green waste bags are approximately 1 cubic metre each
  • You place your garden rubbish and green waste in the bags
  • Give us a call when ready and we will arrange a pick up
  • The cost is just £20 per bag for kerbside pick up
  • All green waste and garden rubbish is recycled by us
  • Please note we cannot accept builders waste

Areas Covered - North and Northwest London

It is quick, easy and the most cost effective way to remove garden rubbish

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