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Tree Transplanting
Tree Relocation
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Tree Relocation and Transplantation

Transplanting and Relocation Service throughout London

We offer a tree relocation and transplant service to commercial and residential clients across London. Using the latest cutting edge techniques within the industry we are able to successfully transplant trees up to 300cm in girth. A recent high profile project involved moving tree stock at the British Library at Kings Cross to allow for further development of the site.

Residential clients may require tree transplantation when moving house or to allow house extensions to be built. More commonly, we are requested by commercial clients to move trees within a development site to allow further construction to to take place. Redeployment of existing tree stocks is a cost effective and agreeable solution which benefits both developers and the community. We have even relocated trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders (subject to council agreement).

Tree TransplantingOur Tree Preparation and Transplantation Services include

  • Advanced preparation involves tree crown reduction and thinning
  • The tree roots will also need preparation
  • Root balling, anti-desiccant application and pruning
  • Irrigation pipe installation to prevent drying out
  • Digging out and root balling followed crane lift
  • Use of tree spade machinery for semi mature trees
  • Use of Newman Tree Frames for large trees
  • Vehicles are equipped with flotation tyres allowing access to most sites
  • We offer a comprehensive after care tree maintenance package

Rest assured, we will select the most cost effective solution for tree transplanting. Were access is limited and machinery cannot be used, we dig around the tree, fit a frame around the base and lift out the tree using a mobile crane.

We can move almost all semi mature trees. Trees with a girth diameter of up to 3 metres can also be removed with the use of specialist tree transplantion equipment hired from manufacturers.

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