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For Mortgages, Insurance Claims, Property Development, Subsidence, Health & Safety

We provide an extremely cost effective service for any type of Tree Survey throughout London. More frequently than not, our clients require tree surveys for mortgage applications, subsidence investigations, insurance purposes and for property development reasons. A survey may also be required before work can be carried out on trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

Trees growing close to buildings or land being accessed by the public are a potential risk to health and safety.

Landowners have a duty care to ensure that no foreseeable harm can happen to people due to dangerous trees on their property. Tree need to be inspected regularly to prevent harm or injury to pedestrians, passing vehicles and buildings.

Tree Survey and Report Service for

  • Health and Safety Inspections - Site Surveys and Tree Reports
  • Mortgage and Insurance Reports - Risks to Buildings
  • Disease Diagnosis - fungi wood decay root and leaf diseases rusts cankers wilts and more
  • Property Construction and Development Reports - Impact on Trees and Vegetation
  • Building Subsidence - The impact of tree roots on ground water content
  • Tree Law - Expert witness for legal disputes, litigation, negotiation, appeals and public enquiries
  • Tree Population Management - For housing associations, schools churches, councils and more
  • Tree Evaluation - the value of a t tree in its environment and replacement costs
  • Tree Roots - The damage with drains and sewers

The surveys are written in clear, easy to read language in a variety of formats including

  • Tree maps showing exact location of trees including easy to read label information
  • The information can be provided in a formats suitable for database integration
  • Full analysis on all findings in easy to read language
  • Recommended prioritised work procedures

From a single trees to complete populations, our tree contract management and tree maintenance work ensures that the burden of responsibility for tree health and safety and associated risks is passed on to us.

Our associated tree surveyors are highly expereinced, carry liability insurance to £1,000,000 limit of indemnity and are fully qualified. Surveys require in depth knowledge of tree physiological and biological functions as well as an understanding of the ecological and environmental conditions that the tree finds itself in - give us a call.

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Health & Safety Reports

Arboricultural Site Surveys

Those that are responsible for trees on a property have a 'Duty of Care' to ensure that the trees are not hazardous to people or neighbouring buildings.

Tree owners can be sued if it can be proved that negligence was involved. Insurance companies will also refuse to pay out.

Periodic tree inspection and treatment to correct any faults by competent experts absolves you of your 'Duty of Care' obligations.

If you are responsible for large tree populations you may be interested in our cost effective Tree Management Contracts.

Mortgage Surveys

Mortgage Tree Inspections

We provide home buyers reports which detail the hazards to buildings associated with trees and other vegetation which may be on the property.

The report will highlight potential problems with hazardous trees, disease and insect infestations, tree root subsidence issues and problems caused by invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed.

Our mortgage surveys offer a cost effective to property owners and home buyers alike.

We normally survey and produce a report within 48 hours of being contacted.

Construction Reports

Property Developer Advice

BS5837:2005 are recommended guide lines for the treatment of trees during construction projects.

We can produce Tree Impact Assessment Reports which will detail the steps that should be taken to protect important trees during the construction process. This report will ease the planning application.

We can provide qualified arborists who will periodically monitor the trees during the construction process to ensure that all planning restrictions are being complied with.

Property developers may also be interested in our Tree Transplantation Service.

Property Subsidence

Tree Subsidence Reports

Amongst our clients are insurance companies, loss adjusters, structural engineers and property owners.

Building subsidence due to tree Issues are a source of bitter disputes between neighbouring properties and often leads to expensive litigation. However, trees next to buildings are not always the cause of subsidence.

We provide unbiased, easy to read reports detailing precisely the effects, if any, the tree and the roots are having on the building.

If the tree is causing subsidence, root treatment and crown reduction may work but in most cases complete tree removal is the solution.

Tree Law

Neighbouring Properties

There are precedents in law which govern the responsibility of tree owners and their neighbours.

“ If branches grow over the property line, the owner of the adjoining property may cut them back to the boundary line” (Lonsdale v Nelson, 1823)

“The adjoining owner may not enter the property on which the tree is growing without first giving notice to the tree owner” (Lemmon v Webb, 1894)

“Branches that are removed are the property of the owner of the tree and should be offered back unconverted.” (Mills v Brooker, 1919)

Any damage caused by pruning the tree is the responsibility of the tree pruner and not the owner.

Maintenance Contracts

Tree Population Management

Local councils, schools, churches, golf,courses, universities frequently have significant tree populations. have wide ranging experience in managing large tree populations and can offer clients cost effective tree maintenance contracts.

Site management involves regular periodic inspection and treatment. This will absolve you from your legal 'Duty of Care responsibilities.

Our clients include schools, commercial business, Camden council and many more

Our tree inspection and treatment contracts discharge you of you legal 'duty of care' obligations.

Tree Value Assessment

How much is a tree worth?

it is sometimes necessary to know what the monetary value of a single tree or a whole stock of trees is are fully conversant with CAVAT ( Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees).

CAVAT was the brain child of LTOA, otherwise known as the London Tree Officers Association.

It gives tree professionals a way of assessing a trees monetary value. It depends on historical worth, size and health, longevity and the value the tree has to the community.

CAVAT is an accepted solution to assessing tree value and is useful is resolving disputes were financial compensation is an issue.

Drainage Issues

Drain and Sewer Damage

Tree roots can cause drainage problems in two ways. Firstly they can enter an already broken drain. Once inside they will grow to completely block the drain. Secondly and less commonly, a tree root can dislodge a drainage pipe, breaking a joint which allows root entry and consequent root proliferation.

The ideal solution to both of the above is to repair the drain. Modern drainage systems, properly laid are resistant to tree root drainage. This is preferable to cutting down the tree.Disputes between neighbours can arise over this issue. Rather than treat the roots and canopy yourself, risking killing the tree, our advise is to contact your insurance company.