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New and Reclaimed Softwood and Hardwood Sleepers For Sale

Railways sleepers have many uses in garden and playground design. They are durable, long lasting, and are easy to work with. Any garden design project can benefit from the eye-catching rustic appeal of new and reclaimed railway sleepers. They are perfectly suited to the current trend in contemporary garden design. Railway sleepers provide a very quick method of construction, look absolutely amazing and are extremely cost effective.

Reclaimed Railway SleepersWe supply reclaimed railway sleepers, usually oak which will last almost forever and need no further treatment. We also sell new softwood and hard wood railway sleepers.

Uses of Railway Sleepers in the Garden include

  • Raised planters
  • Retaining walls
  • Ponds and water features
  • Eye catching garden steps
  • Chunky tables and benches
  • Decorative bridges
  • Hard wearing decking
  • Edges and borders

We supply and deliver railway sleepers throughout London and use them in many of our own design projects. One of recent projects was the design and construction of a school playground in Croydon were extensive use of railway sleepers were made.

We are based in North London. We charge for delivery of your sleepers (see below) but customers can arrange to pop along and pick them up themselves. Please give us a call for latest prices and availability.

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New Railway Sleepers for Sale

Softwood Railway Sleepers for Sale

We provide tanalised softwood railway sleepers which are available in two sizes - 2.4 or 1.2 metres long (8 feet and 4 feet approximately). They are guaranteed against rot for 15 years. Changing weather conditions may cause these railway sleepers to distort slightly over time.

if you are creating a children's playground or play area containing sand pits, benches, play features etc then these are railway sleepers for you. These sleepers undergo a non toxic pressure treatment ensuring a life span of usually around 25 years. Softwood railway sleepers are very easy to work with compared to hardwood sleepers. Please note that if you are designing load bearing features such as bridges you will need to use hard wood railway sleepers.

Reclaimed Hardwood Sleepers

Hardwood Railway Sleepers for Sale

Our reclaimed hardwood sleepers are guaranteed rot free and come with all ironwork removed. We source them from around the UK and occasionally Europe and they are always sold at competitive prices - amongst the cheapest in London.

These railway sleepers have undergone a first use treatment making them resistant to water damage and variable weather conditions . Due to the reclaimed nature of these sleepers they may be slightly distorted. The weathered look and slight distortion adds to the rustic, organic appeal but may not be suitable for design and construction projects were tight tolerances are necessary. These sleepers are typically 8ft 6 inches long x 10 inches wide by 6 inches deep but sizes can vary slightly.

Railway Sleeper Prices

Cost of Hardwood & Softwood Sleepers

Below is an approximate price guide to the cost of our railways sleepers. The prices vary over time depending on were they are sourced. Our aim is to provide you with the most competitive London prices possible.

  • Reclaimed Oak Sleepers 2.6m long - £40
  • New Oak Sleepers 2.6m long - £35
  • New Softwood Sleepers 2.6m long - £30
  • New Softwood Sleeper 3.0m long - £35

Kerbside Delivery is charged at £20 within a five mile radius of our base in London NW5.We charge £3 for each subsequent mile outside of our delivery radius.

Customers are welcome to arrange collection of their railway sleepers themselves.