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Dead Wooding

Removing the Dead Wood from a Tree

Tree branches can die off for any number of reasons and gradually decay back to the parent stem and will eventually fall off. This is known as dead wood and and can be a source of danger to the general public. In the UK storms and high winds can exacerbate the problem of falling dead wood. Trees need to be regularly inspected for dead wood, and when found, this needs to be removed.

Priority should be given to trees which are over hanging public roads, residential gardens and public parks. The risk assessment for woodland depends in part on the number of visitors to the area. The practice of dead wooding can be carried out any time of the year but is best avoided when the tree is coming into leaf.

Causes of Dead Wood on a Tree

  • Light Deficiency
  • Pests and Disease
  • Root Damage
  • Damage to Bark

Reasons to Remove Dead Wood

  • First and foremost is public safety
  • Aesthetic Reasons
  • Removes unwanted weight
  • To prevent branches from splitting

We normally advise our clients to schedule dead wood removal prior to autumn to prevent any possible by storms or high winds.

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