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Once a tree has been removed the stump can be removed using a stump grinder. The Stump grinder is a machine that will grind down a stump below ground level (10-12inchs) and it can then be covered with soil. If the stump is infected it is advised that the surrounding soil and chipping's from grinding are removed and replaced with clean soil.

Tree StumpsWhether you need land cleared for development, or you’ve just one tree stump to remove, we’ve got the specialist equipment, skills and knowledge to remove tree stumps in even the most awkward circumstances.

Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

  • Spreading roots can threaten footpaths or foundations
  • Infestations of bees, wasps and other insects
  • Further spreading of diseased wood to healthy trees and shrubs
  • Tree stumps are ugly and detract from the beauty of the property
  • Stumps may be a safety hazard for slip and fall injury lawsuits
  • Tree stumps can damage lawn mowers

We can grind your tree stumps to usable recycled mulch that can be used in your garden or flower beds to control weeds and maintain soil moisture.

The removal of tree stumps below the surface of the topsoil allows for effective repair and replanting of the area.

Over 90% of our stump grinding work come through reccomendation. Our clients love our prcies and quality of service. Call us know for a quote. We are based in North London and work London wide.

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