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Crown Lifting - The Removal of the Lower Branches of a Tree

Lifting the crown of a tree (also known as crown raising) is the process of cutting off the lower branches of the tree.

Tree SurgeonsThere are several reasons why crown lifting is required

  • To provide pedestrian head clearance
  • To allow vehicles to pass safely
  • To allow clearance for buildings and construction
  • To maintain a line of sight
  • The health of the tree may be improved in certain species

Most local authorities have a recommended height for clearance on street trees or trees that over hang pedestrian foot paths

In order to maintain the health of the tree a crown lift should be no greater than around 66% of the total height of the tree. In other words, if the height of the tree is 60ft, then the remaining crown after pruning should be around 40ft - this will ensure that the tree will continue to flourish.

When pruning is complete, the existing living crown should be at least two-thirds of the total tree height. Example: a 36 foot tree should have living branches on at least the upper 24 feet.

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