Autumn Leaf Clearance - Service for Collecting and Disposing of Autumn Leaves in London
Autumn Leaf Clearing
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Autumn Leaves Clearance
Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaf Clearance

Clearing up Autumn Leaves in London

We are responsible for keeping many London streets, parks, commercial and residential property free from leaves during autumn.

Autumn LeavesThroughout November and December we have dedicated leaf clearance teams using a variety of manual and mechanised sweepers along with petrol driven leaf blowers. The leaves are recycled and sold as mulch and compost.

Clearing leaves, pine needles and other debris from a lawn is not merely a cosmetic exercise. The benefits of leaf clearance include

  • Prevention of injury due to slipping
  • Prevention of injury due to vehicle skidding
  • Prevention of large and small scale flooding
  • Maintaining healthily lawns and park land
  • Allows sunlight, water and nutrients to reach the ground below
  • Prevents unsightly bare patches from taking hold.

Last year our leaf clearance team collected and composted many tonnes of leaves. Ideally this should be done in the autumn before the leaves decompose and begin to settle into the top layer of soil, but it is always better later than never.

All leaves are collected and removed from your premises and recycled into compost at our North London Base. Our customers absolutely adore us and you will find our prices amongst the cheapest in London.

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