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Professional Pruning and Training of Fruit Trees

There are not too many fruit orchards in around and London. Our most frequent request is to prune fruit trees on residential land which have fallen into a state of disrepair. We can prune fruit trees so that they look aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the look of your garden. We can also prune trees to help maximise the fruit yield. Fruit trees require regular pruning and training in order to achieve a pleasing shape and form.

Fruit TreesProfessional pruning results in flourishing fruit production and trees which live longer.

The Benefits of Fruit Tree Pruning

  • Develops strong branches which can support the weight of the tree
  • Increase the fruit yield of the tree
  • Increases the life of the tree
  • Prevents the growth of weak branches which may split or break off
  • Removal of dead, diseases and broken wood
  • Increases light penetration of the canopy
  • Increase air movement through the tree resulting in rapid
  • Rapid drying prevents the spread of rot and disease

Fruit tree pruning is typically done over the winter - known as Dormant Pruning. Fruit tree training and further corrective pruning can be done over the summer. The response of fruit trees to winter and summer pruning is very different and varies from species to species.

The timing off the dormant pruning is crucial to the tree development and well being.

Timing of dormant pruning is critical. Pruning should be considered with due respect for the type of fruit tree, its health and its age, among other factors. Fruit tree pruning requires professional expertise requiring the ability to understand the complex factors governing the tree health and fruit production.

Our friendly knowledgeable team are on hand to provide the necessary advice and expertise to help you get the most of your fruit tree. Our customers love our fruit tree pruning work and our prices are amongst the cheapest in London.

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