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Crown Reduction
Crown Reducing
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Crown Reduction

Reducing the Crown of a Tree

Crown reduction means limiting the crown by 20-30% of the overall size and height of the tree by evenly removing the ends of branches throughout the crown.

Tree SurgeonsThere are several reasons why crown reduction may be desired

  • To reduce the wind resistance of the tree
  • To reduce the amount of water uptake from the ground
  • To allow more light to penetrate the canopy
  • To control the size and growth of the tree
  • To reduce tree root activity
  • To prevent inference with power lines
  • To re balance the shape of the crown

The most frequent use of crown reduction pruning is when a tree has grown too large for the space it occupies. This method of pruning is preferable to simply lopping of the top of the tree branches as it keeps the tree healthily, is aesthetically more pleasing and minimises the stress on the tree. Crown reduction is also known as Drop Crotch Pruning. Crown reduction pruning on trees should be considered as a last resort. The technique can often lead to large wounds on the tree which may not heal leading to fungal infection and decay. An alternative solution may be to remove the tree completely and replace it with one more suitable to the surroundings.

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